We provide everything needed for a successful coating center

Our turnkey system with complete solutions for upstream and downstream steps of hard coating is ideally suited for seamless integration into the tool manufacturing and regrinding process
  • Depending on the requirements, different dimensions of coating chambers for the coating of small to oversized substrates
  • Comprehensive coating know-how
  • Equipment for decoating from high-speed steel and carbide
  • Equipment for edge pre-treatment
  • Vacuum-assisted single-chamber cleaning units
  • Quality control systems after coating
  • Equipment for post-treatment, such as polishing
  • PVD production accessories from sleeves to handling systems up to chillers

We cooperate with partner companies to offer a wide range of peripheral equipment for upstream and downstream steps of a coating process.

Flexibly tailored to the respective applications, our processes are integrated into the tool manufacturing of our customers and thus guarantee an independent, stable and innovative production.

Typical workflow in a coating center with our turnkey solutions:

  1. Incoming of goods
  2. Preliminary cleaning
  3. Optional: decoating
  4. Optional: edge pre-treatment
    (e.g. wet blasting, drag grinding)
  5. Fine cleaning
  6. Preparing for coating
    (e.g. loading of carousels)
  7. Coating
  8. Unloading of a batch
  9. Optional: post-treatment
    (e.g. polishing)
  10. Quality control
  11. Outgoing of goods
Workflow in a coating center

Some modules (decoating, edge pre- and post-treatment) should be set up in a separate room from the coating units.

Chiller can be placed outside.

PVD Coating
We offer high-tech coating units and equip them with different technologies.

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PVD Coating 
Decoating / stripping is an important prerequisite for recoating with high level of quality.

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Edge Pre- and Post-Treatment
Both edge pre- as well as post-treatment are very important processes in a turnkey system.

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Edge Pre- and Post-Treatment 
A metallic clean surface is necessary for the coating.

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Quality Control
The basic quality characteristics of a PVD coating are coating thickness measurement & adhesion evaluation.

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Quality Control 
PVD Production Accessories
We offer production accessories from sleeves to handling systems up to chillers.

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