Coating forming tools correctly – with PLATIT

With the PVD units specially developed for these applications, you can coat forming tools to achieve long service lives and particularly smooth surfaces.

The deposited coatings achieve an extra-smooth, low-friction surface that provides a perfect reproduction of the desired shape and surface texture. The special hardness avoids rapid wear of the tool coating and thus extends the possible operating time. 

Especially suitable for forming tools is our PL1011 G4 coating unit with plasma-nitriding function. This has a thermochemical plasma-nitriding process integrated into the physical vapor deposition process. After loading, a high vacuum is first generated, and the chamber heated. Subsequently, the substrates are nitrided, PLATIT's patented etching process is started and only then the suitable PVD coating is deposited. 

The plasma-nitriding creates a higher surface hardness of the substrate under the PVD coating and thus ensures an even transition from the relatively soft substrate to the very hard PVD coating.


  • Better adhesion of the coating
  • Increased surface hardness of the substrate
  • Improved wear resistance and dimensional stability of the nitrided substrate
  • Longer service life of molds and dies and thus lower tool costs


ALL4, the universal coating for forming

The ALL4 coating developed by PLATIT is based on AlCrTiN and covers a wide range of applications and workpiece materials. The tool coating is very wear resistant at high temperatures, while being heat resistant and tough. This means that forming tools coated with ALL4 can be used for a very long time, which contributes to the cost-effectiveness of your forming processes.