Quality control of the PVD coating

Thickness and adhesion are important characteristics of a coating. They need to be controlled and monitored to guarantee a constant level of performance.


PLATIT’s Quality Control Software
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PQCS is a quality control software developed by PLATIT. The software is optimized for easy and fast data acquisition by recording batch photos, coating thickness and adhesion. All data is stored in a database to generate a coating report and provide a graphical representation of quality trends.


  • Simple user interface
  • Generating coating report step by step to record the coating quality
  • Automatic database entries including customer information, batch information and a photo, calo and Rockwell image
  • User-defined fields can be integrated
  • The data can be filtered and represented graphically to recognize quality trends
PLATIT Quality Control Software

Basic quality control methods

  • Coating thickness measurement using a calo tester on test plates and tools
  • Adhesion evaluation using a Rockwell or scratch tester

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