Importance of cleaning

A metallic clean surface is necessary for the coating. Contaminations such as grease, oil, fingerprints or dust weaken the adhesion of a coating.
We offer two different sizes of single-chamber cleaning units; on request we tailor individual cleaning units according to customer requirements
  • Chamber sizes adapted to our coating units
  • Fully automatic cleaning process incl. vacuum drying
  • Intuitive touch screen with real-time process parameters
  • Remote diagnosis & maintenance


  • Chamber volume: W350 x D390 x H480 [mm]
  • Loading for shank tools ø10 x 70 [mm]: 504pcs.
  • Max. load: 150kg
  • Cycle times: Approx. 45min  
Cleaning unit V111
Cleaning unit V111 open


  • Chamber volume: W500 x D500 x H500 [mm]
  • Loading for shank tools ø10 x 70 [mm]: 1008pcs.
  • Max. load: 200kg
  • Cycle times: Approx. 45min  
Cleaning unit V411
Cleaning unit V411 open

You can find more information about the cleaning procedure in our compendium p.54 - p.57 by clicking here or contacting us directly.

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