PLATIT is part of the family-owned BCI Blösch Group, an independent Swiss technology group.

Headquartered in Selzach (Switzerland), PLATIT has its own service, support and sales offices in Europe, North America and Asia. These are complemented by a broad network of distributors and partners worldwide. PLATIT has installed over 550 coating systems and maintains close partnerships with its customers.

The variety of tool geometries and applications requires manufacturers of coating equipment to offer a wide range of technical solutions to best fulfill customers’ needs. PLATIT offers numerous high-tech standard and custom coating solutions with modular machine designs, high flexibility and good user-friendliness. Profound competencies in cathodic ARC, SPUTTER and HiPIMS technology allows PLATIT to integrate these technologies into hybrid processes, creating solutions for different applications. PLATIT's open-source philosophy allows customers to adapt coatings to their specific requirements and individual needs. With the highest coating performance in dedicated application fields, PLATIT customers can differentiate themselves from the market standard.

In addition to coating units, PLATIT offers turnkey systems as part of its product portfolio. These include complete solutions for upstream and downstream steps such as decoating, edge pre-treatment, cleaning, post-treatment and quality control, making PLATIT systems ideally suited for seamless integration into the tool manufacturing and regrinding process.

PLATIT Headquarters

What we stand for

Core competencies of PLATIT include integration, flexibility, open-source technology and strong customer relationships


Integration enables in-house coating. Based on our comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing and regrinding of tools, we develop optimized solutions for our customers, which we seamlessly integrate into their existing production process.


Open-source technologies inspire innovations. By purchasing our technology, customers can participate in our know-how. Our systems are open to engineers, their parameters and recipes can be manipulated and further developed if needed. We also value interactions, discussions and sharing knowledge with technology users, as we firmly believe that both parties benefit from transparency and openness.


Flexibility refers to our business model and our products. Our PVD standard coating units are based on a modular design. With different implemented technologies, they can produce a variety of coatings and even deposit complex layers. The coating units are ideally suited for the development of customized coatings and ensure that our customers can set themselves apart from their competitors by creating their own brand image. Furthermore, the Custom Coating Solutions division integrated into our dual business model gives us the flexibility to build customized PVD systems dedicated exclusively to a single use or purpose.

Strong customer relationships

We believe in strong customer relationships, ensuring our customers are always satisfied. We stand by our customers with worldwide service, support and sales offices as well as with our partners for upstream and downstream processes. Our customers benefit from our network, which matches supply with demand for tool manufacturers, regrinders and coating centers. As a premium provider, we assist our customers in customer acquisition: we provide support from sampling to the adaption of coatings resulting in innovations. PLATIT does not offer job coating services and therefore avoids entering into competition with its customers.