Your in-house coating unit offers many advantages

As a tool manufacturer or regrinder, your aim is to produce the best tools possible while facing permanent competition. PLATIT’s in-house solutions offer you invaluable advantages:

  1. Independence: You have the entire production in your own hands. You don’t have to rely on an outside supply chain and are thus able to keep all the know-how in-house, including that of coating.
  2. Shorter delivery times: No more waiting times, no more shipping with the risk of damage in transit. Your tools are coated in-house in the shortest possible time. Production, grinding and coating can thus take place on the same day.
  3. Individual applications: You can determine yourself which tools are coated and how and can define individual coating thicknesses and adhesive layers. No service provider stands in your way when you want to try new things and test innovative coatings. This gives you a good deal more control over the quality of your tools. PLATIT helps you to find the most individually suitable coating.
  4. In-house coatings: As your needs grow, your in-house facility can grow with you. PLATIT also develops “Dedicated Coatings” for you, which guarantee differentiation potential from the competition. Thanks to PLATIT’s open-source philosophy, you can also test and develop innovative coatings yourself.
  5. Cost advantages: An investment in an in-house PVD coating unit is worthwhile from an annual coating volume of around CHF 125,000. The unit generates a positive cash flow already in the first year. You invest in your own further development instead of hiring a job coater.

If you are interested in calculating your break-even point, talk to our sales experts by contacting us. We would be happy to help you calculate your in-house solution and leverage potential.

Why should you integrate PLATIT coating systems into your tool manufacturing process

The barrier for in-house coating has fallen further

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