When it comes to coating saw blades, the biggest challenge is to find a coating unit that can efficiently coat large quantities in a single batch to a high level of quality, without damaging the saw blades.
Due to their high content of heat-sensitive steel, accurately controlling the process temperature is essential. Too high process temperature deforms the saw blade meaning it will no longer cut true.

Our Custom Coating Solution meets these challenges

  • The PVD unit has a temperature control system to coat saw blades; the temperature is kept in a very narrow range
  • The use of ARC power supplies on alloyed targets improves the deposition rate and coating distribution as well as ensures a uniform erosion and extends the lifespan of a target material
  • Pulsed cathodes and the improved ARC distribution produce smoother coatings
  • Coating chamber is suitable for large tools and substrates
  • Modular carousel design enables maximum loading flexibility
Example Custom Coating Solution PL2011 for Tru-Cut Saw

For the coating of large saw blades up to ø1423 mm (56”), we have built a coating unit with high capacity. A custom-designed carousel with 6 configurations enables the highest loading flexibility while maintaining the quality of the coating. Either tools with small or large diameter or mixed loads can be coated in one batch.

Saw blade coating unit PL2011

The unit was designed with two doors to provide:

  • Perfect access to the chamber
  • Quick cathode exchange and simplified maintenance of the machine
  • Simplified batch management, since a completed batch can be removed through one door, and the next batch loaded immediately via the other door

A rail system ensures that the carousel trolley is always correctly aligned with the chamber, thereby making the loading and unloading of loads of up to 1800 kg easy. The height of the custom-designed carousel trolley can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

Technologies applied:

  • 6 x Planar ARC cathodes, 4 of which pulsed with ARC power supplies, to enable the pulsing of the cathodes

Etching technologies applied:

  • LGD® (Lateral Glow Discharge) with 2 cathodes with shutter and 2 cathodes acting as anodes
  • Plasma etching with argon, glow discharge
  • Metal ion etching (Ti, Cr)
Saw blade coating unit PL2011 open

Load and cycle times:

  • 4 - 5 batches/day

  • Coating volume up to [mm]: ø1400 x H700

  • Load up to: 1800kg

Machine dimensions:

  • Footprint [mm]: W8000 x D5800 x H2350


  • Simple use and maintenance
  • PLATIT’s SmartSoftware (PC and PLC system)
  • Modern control system with touch screen
  • Data recording and real-time display of process parameters and flow
  • Manual and automatic process control
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance

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