The biggest challenge in the handling as well as coating of saw bands is their size as they are wound on a tool carrier, the coil. Due to circumferential speed, layer growth can result in varying coating thickness.

Our Custom Coating Solution masters these challenges

  • To improve the handling, the coating chamber door opens sideways; the opened chamber door can be swiveled by 90° so the loading and unloading can take place from the left-hand side
  • The coil is arranged at a certain angle to the deposition technology to ensure a constant coating thickness distribution
  • The LGD® (Lateral Glow Discharge) process is used for etching and improved coating adhesion
  • To guarantee a uniform coating, the teeth and the back of the saw band are coated by different cathode types
  • The coating process takes place at a maximum temperature of 500°C to ensure that the physical and chemical properties of the saw band remain unchanged
  • Coating increases the lifespan of saw bands and improves the cutting performance during sawing; the development of tool wear is reduced
Sample Custom Coating Solution Pi603 for WIKUS

In order to meet the product-specific requirements of WIKUS, we designed a turnkey system with a PVD coating unit operating at a high vacuum as well as a tailor-made single-chamber cleaning system. The saw bands are wound as a coil and are both cleaned and coated with the same product carrier to avoid additional effort.

The Pi603 is the first PVD coating unit for WIKUS. It was built in 2006 and is still working perfectly today. Our design proved to be very user-friendly. Even Customers who are not experienced with such technologies can operate this unit with ease. Pursuant to the open-source principle, we transferred our knowledge to WIKUS. This enables WIKUS to benefit from the advantages of LARC® cathodes and flexibly combine as well as develop its own coatings.

Saw band coating unit Pi603
Saw band coating unit Pi603 open

Technologies applied:

  • 3 x LARC® cathode with ARC technology
  • 1 x Planar ARC cathode for uniform coating of the backs of saw bands

Etching technologies applied:

  • LGD®
  • Plasma etching with argon, glow discharge
  • Metal ion etching (Ti, Cr)

Load and cycle times:

  • 2 batches/day with batch time of 8.5 - 10h
  • Saw band diameter up to 1360mm
  • Inner packing diameter 560mm
  • Saw band height up to 100mm
  • Saw band weight incl. carrier up to 600kg


  • Simple use and maintenance
  • PLATIT’s SmartSoftware (PC and PLC system)
  • Modern control system with touch screen
  • Data recording and real-time display of process parameters and flow
  • Manual and automatic process control
  • Remote diagnostics and maintenance

Machine dimensions:

  • Footprint [mm]: W5900 x D6450 x H3100
Saw band coating unit Pi603 load